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Viking Names and Meanings For Your Dog: Unleashing the Warrior Spirit

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When it comes to choosing a name for your new beloved furry friend, why settle for the ordinary when you can embrace the extraordinary? If you're a fan of history, mythology, and a touch of the epic, why not consider naming your dog after the fierce and legendary Vikings?

Before my French Bulldog became David, his name was actually Ivar for the first couple of weeks I had him, after Ivar The Boneless, the legendary Viking warrior and leader from the 9th century. As much as I loved that name, I couldn't get used to it - this sweet little puppy with the squishiest face and big brown eyes just didn't look or act anything like a warrior. So, David he became.

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Source: Tenor

Now, my other French Bulldog, Gyda, is named after the daughter of the legendary Norse hero, Ragnar Lothbrok. And my little 20lb ball of fur is, in fact, a warrior. A fire breathing sass dragon. A sour patch kid. The Viking name suits her to a tee.

french bulldogs

Left: David (9 months old) / Right: Gyda (1 year 3 months old)

From valiant warriors to powerful gods, Viking names bring a sense of strength, honor, and adventure to your canine companion. Below I've listed both male and female Viking names, their meanings, and the stories they carry, helping you find the perfect name that captures your dog's unique personality and embodies the spirit of a true Norse warrior.

The Fascination of Viking Names

The Vikings were known for their legendary feats of courage, exploration, and conquest. Their rich history and mythology have left an indelible mark on modern culture, captivating enthusiasts across the globe. Naming your dog after a Viking hero or deity not only pays homage to this vibrant history but also imparts a sense of nobility and valor to your faithful companion.

A Glimpse into Viking Names

  1. Thor: Named after the powerful Norse god of thunder and strength, this name suits a sturdy and bold dog who commands attention.

  2. Freyja: Inspired by the goddess of love, fertility, and war, Freyja is perfect for a spirited and affectionate canine.

  3. Lagertha: Named after the legendary shieldmaiden and queen, Lagertha is fitting for a brave and independent female dog.

  4. Odin: A name inspired by the chief god of Norse mythology, Odin symbolizes wisdom, knowledge, and leadership.

  5. Ragnar: This name pays tribute to the legendary Viking chieftain and warrior, portraying strength and fearlessness.

Choosing the Perfect Viking Name

When selecting a Viking name for your dog, consider their personality, appearance, and unique traits. A strong and imposing dog might embody the essence of a warrior, while a playful and mischievous pup might channel the spirit of a trickster deity. Dive into Norse mythology and history to uncover names that resonate with you and capture the essence of your dog's individuality.

20 Female Viking Names:

Freya - Norse goddess of love, beauty, and fertility.

Astrid - "Divinely Beautiful."

Ingrid - "Beautiful Ing," where Ing is an old Norse fertility god.

Eira - "Mercy" or "Snow."

Runa - "Secret Lore" or "Whisper."

Sigrid - "Beautiful Victory."

Hilda - "Battle Woman."

Thyra - "Thor's Battle" or "Goddess of Thunder."

Ylva - "She-Wolf."

Rikissa - "Powerful Ruler."

Gerd - "Enclosed" or "Fenced Field."

Siv - "Bride" or "Wife."

Helga - "Holy" or "Blessed."

Sigrun - "Secret Victory."

Thora - "Thor's Eagle."

Karin - "Pure" or "Chaste."

Liv - "Life."

Maren - "Sea."

Nanna - Norse goddess associated with joy and peace.

Greta - "Pearl" or "Precious."

20 Male Viking Names

Ragnar - "Warrior of the Gods."

Thor - Norse god of thunder, strength, and protection.

Bjorn - "Bear."

Erik - "Ever Powerful" or "Eternal Ruler."

Ivar - "Bow Warrior."

Leif - "Heir" or "Descendant."

Harald - "Leader of the Army."

Gunnar - "Bold Warrior" or "Battle Warrior."

Olaf - "Ancestor's Heir" or "Relic of Ancestors."

Hakan - "Noble" or "Chieftain."

Frey - Norse god of fertility and prosperity.

Sigurd - "Victorious Guardian" or "Victory Peace."

Rolf - "Famous Wolf."

Sven - "Young Warrior."

Vidar - "Warrior of the Forest."

Gorm - "Spear" or "Spear of God."

Vali - "Valiant Warrior."

Magnus - "Great" or "Mighty."

Oskar - "Deer Lover" or "Divine Strength."

Rurik - "Famous Ruler."

Other names to consider:

Valhalla - a majestic hall for fallen warriors

Valkyrie - Warrior women who serve Odin, selecting and guiding fallen warriors to Valhalla

Skald - A poet or bard in Viking society who composed and recited poems celebrating heroic deeds

Saga - A type of medieval Norse or Icelandic prose narrative, often recounting historical events or legendary tales.

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Honoring the Viking Legacy

By bestowing your dog with a Viking name, you're embracing a legacy of bravery, exploration, and adventure. Each time you call your dog's name, you're conjuring the spirit of Norse mythology and the indomitable strength of the Viking people.

Choosing a Viking name for your dog isn't just about picking a unique moniker—it's about embracing a powerful legacy and bestowing your canine companion with a name that reflects their remarkable qualities. Whether you opt for the strength of Thor, the wisdom of Odin, or the love of Freyja, you're forging a connection between your loyal companion and the legendary figures of the past. Let your dog carry the spirit of the Vikings into every step they take, honoring their heritage with a name that resonates with their heart and soul.


Leave a comment and let me know what you think of these names! I'd love to do more of these name theme blog posts - leave a comment with suggestions you'd like to read about.

Happy tails!


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