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Best of The Week: Lambwolf Collective's Farmers Market Toy Set for Dogs

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The brand Lambwolf Collective is one of my favorite brands for all things dog related. From their walking essentials to their dog apparel, they feature high-quality and stylish products you and your pup will love.

And, let me tell you, you and your pooch are going to LOVE this Farmer's Market Set for dogs.

This set is an absolutely delightful collection of seven toys designed to stimulate your pup's senses and keep them entertained throughout the fall season.

In this review, we'll take a closer look at this value-packed set and see how it can add a touch of autumn fun to your dog's playtime.

What's in the Set:

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The Farmers Market Toy Set is a bundle of joy for both you and your dog. It includes the following seven toys:

1. Snuffle CORN: This corn-shaped toy features six treat slots, perfect for nosework and treat-dispensing fun.

2. Snuffle ARTICHOKE: Another snuffle toy, the artichoke design provides a unique nosework experience.

3. Squeaky + Crinkly LEEK: Designed for tug-of-war and interactive play, this leek-shaped toy not only squeaks but also crinkles for added excitement.

4. Snuffle RED CABBAGE POP: This toy combines the bouncy fun of a ball with a squeaky surprise, perfect for fetch and playtime.

5. Mini Nylon Knit Squeaky Mini GUU: A small, knitted toy that's ideal for fetch and carries a playful squeak.

6. Mini Faux Mink Squeaky Mini MOMO: Another fetching favorite, this mini mink toy is sure to keep your pup engaged.

7. Crinkly Market Bag: An extra touch for snuffle sessions, this crinkly bag adds sensory delight to your dog's play.


Why We Love it:

lambwolf collective toys, frenchies playing

What makes the Farmers Market Toy Set stand out is its variety. Whether your pup loves to snuffle, chase, fetch, or tug, this set has something for every play style. The snuffle toys are perfect for mental stimulation and nosework, keeping your dog engaged and satisfied. The squeaky and crinkly toys add auditory excitement, and the mini toys are great for interactive fetch sessions. The crinkly market bag is an innovative addition, enhancing the snuffle experience.

Quality and Durability:

snuffle toy for dog, interactive dog toys, lambwolf collective

These toys are not just fun; they're also designed to withstand some serious play. Made with durable materials, they can handle your dog's enthusiastic chewing, tugging, and fetching. The stitching and construction are well-done, ensuring they can stand up to playtime wear and tear.

Value for Money:

dog playing with toy, cute dog holding toy

One of the most attractive aspects of this Farmers Market Toy Set is the excellent value it offers. With this bundle, you save 25% off the original price compared to purchasing each toy individually. It's a budget-friendly way to treat your pup or make a thoughtful gift for a fellow dog lover.

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In the world of dog toys, the Farmers Market Toy Set for Dogs is a delightful find. It's not only a great value but also a bundle of fun that will keep your dog entertained during the fall season and beyond. The variety of toys, durability, and innovative features make it a worthy addition to your dog's playtime repertoire. So, why wait? Spoil your pup or surprise a furry friend with this delightful set, and let the autumn fun begin!

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All photos credited to Lambwolf Collective.


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